About Yongcheng


Our honourable customers:

   Welcome to read the bridf introduction of Yongcheng company.I sincerely Expect our carefully-provided content of brief introduction will let you have an overall understanding of our products,service as well as the meaning of "Choice of Yongchengs Products Helps your Dreams Come True".

  People become great because of dream!
Yongcheng Machinery reach the peak of perfection because of dream!
Yongcheng Machinery develop,expand,and grow up quickly,Yongcheng Machinery be everywhere,in every coener of the world.That is our great dream.
Back to setup time of Yongcheng Machinery,this dream like a seed was rooted deeply in our hearts.Along the way with this dream in our hearts,Yongcheng Machinery have been developing,changing,and growing up quickly for 22 years.Beginning with a single type of products(small offset press)originally,Yongcheng Machinery have expanded product ranges to be:die-cutting machine,flexo printing machine,offset press,three series and more than 30 products,which have been to more than 30 countries.And all our customers and associates withness the development and growing of Yongcheng Machinery,and also witness the soild steps for Yongcheng Machinery to go and come true the great dream.
Yongcheng Machinery is in the process of continuous development,and we should fulfill our obligation,pursue the perfect and realize win-win.We have recongnized our responsibility and will spare no effort to do.We are willing to offer perfect produtcs for the world to make a continuous win-win situation.Company,employees and customers will enjoy the sweet fruit from Yongcheng at that moment.
We have ambitious dream and make efforts to move forward.We have an intention to make every employee feel happy owing to Yongcheng.And we wish to make each partner become better because of Yongcheng.
Looking forward the next twenty years,Yongcheng Machinery make new strategies,and pursue a big development in a new idea and a new perspective.We have got a new dream:where there is printing and packging,there is Yongcheng Machinery.Yongcheng Machinery are rooted everywhere over the world.The technology of Yongcheng benefit the whole industry around the world.At that time,Yongcheng will become"World Famous"from"China Famous".
We have the world in our mind,we are passionate,and we must complete our mission,to change the world pattern of printing and packaging equipments,to make the world more colorful because of Yongcheng.
Yongcheng dream.China dream to become a top coutry in the world in machinery manufacture!
Looking forward to the future,Let us all witness our Yongcheng dream,China Machinery Dream-how the dream come ture!