Feeder feeding automatic die cutting machine

Feeder feeding automatic die cutting machine 1320

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Machine of this series adopt feeder with automatic lifting device that can achieve automatic feeder feeding and also semi automatic manual feeding.
Manual feeding is special available for curved corrugated board and thickness over 6 mm. The machine adopts “wheel into way” of the paper feeding, which makes convenient operation, also can reduce the labor intensity effectively, equipped with multi-group of pressure wheel and wool wheel during the paper running, also equipped with belt to ensure smoothly paper feeding.
Automatic feeder feeding system is based on ordinary flatbed die cutting machine, to reduce labor intensity, improve manufacturing precision and production effective, can achieve quick and smooth paper feeding by equipped with “4 suction 5 feeding” feeder. Collection unit adopts brush device and blower to ensure paper neatly.
The machine could be applied for all kinds of printed paper boxes, 5 and within 5 ply cartons. Have advantage of smooth and accurate feeding of paper, high speed of die cutting also the suitability for variety kinds of works.
Max. paper size:   51.18in*37.40in
Min. paper size: 19.69in*17.72in
Max.die cutting size: 50in*36.22in
Paper available size: Cardboard or corrugated board 0.039in-0.236in
Feeding precision: 0.02in
Max. die cutting pressure:  300t
Range of pressure adjustment: 0.039in
Cutting rule height: 0.94in
Die cutting precision:  ≤±0.0098in
Max. Speed: 4200S/H
Front margin: Corrugated board 0.39in
Laminated corrugated board: 0.47in
Rated power: 14.5KW
Voltage: 380V±5% 50Hz