Fully automatic die cutting machine

Fully automatic die cutting machine with pre-heating YC1100

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Equipped with anti-static bar, can solve the problem of unsmooth feeding caused by plastic film static adhesion. Feeding unit, cutting unit and collection unit both adopts scratch-resistant device, heating die cutting unit equipped with thicker platform, 12 independently adjustable  temperature zones. Can solve the problem of burr and white side of plastic sheet, is the professional equipment for various kind of PVC, PP, PET cutting works.
项目 Item 参数 Specification
最大输纸尺寸Max. paper size 1100mm*780mm/43.31in*30.71in
最小输纸尺寸Min. paper size 400mm*370mm/15.75in*14.57in
最大模切尺寸Max.die cutting size 1075mm*770mm/42.32in*30.31in
可加工纸张厚度Paper available size 卡纸 Cardboard  0.1-1.5mm
瓦楞纸 corrugated board ≤4mm
最大模切压力Max. die cutting pressure 300t
压力调整范围 Range of pressure adjustment ±1mm/0.039in
模切刀高度 Cutting rule height 23.8mm/0.94in
模切精度Die cutting precision ≤±0.25mm/0.0098in
模切速度Speed 7000S/H
最小废边尺寸 Min. Front margin 8mm/0.31in
总功率Rated power 19.8KW
电压Voltage AC 380V±5% 50Hz