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YONGCHENG Die-Cutters Accomplish the Wonderful Debut in “All in Print China” 2011

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YONGCHENG newly developed products, Fully Automatic Die-cutting and Creasing Machine series, Semi-automatic Die-cutting and Creasing Machine series, stunningly appeared on the exhibition “All-In-Print-China” in Shanghai in Nov. 2011, Which declared the success of the latest products’ developing,  and of the successful access to the new field of large-scale packaging equipment manufactures. It turned out to te a bombshell in the whole printing and packging industry.
As the traditional offset press manufacturing industry especially the small offset press manufactures are suffering from the remain doldrums of the domestic and international markets, and also encountered with the powerful impact of digital printing technology,  many of offset press manufacturers and enterprisers are trying to adjust enterprise strategies. It becomes the inevitable choice of the entrepreneurs who seek for forge ahead to make the business diversified. Yongcheng have a great foresight to invest heavily in the introduction of new technology and talents. After more than one year of research and development, we introduced a new type of paper processing machinery: automatic die-cutting and creasing machine series and semi automatic die-cutting and creasing machine series products. In December 2010, these new products came to being, and did the pilot run. After then, began with mass production. The Massive marketing campaign are launched in the nationwide. March 2011, Dongguan, Guangdong, China Printing Technology Exhibition, July 2011 Ningbo International Folding Corrugated Equipment Exhibition, November 2011 Shanghai All In Print Exhibition
In “All in Print China 2011”( Shanghai, Nov. 2011), YONGCHENG’s latest products – Flatbed Die-Cutters automatic and semi-auotmatic were both displayed for the first time, accompanying with traditional main products- offset press series, bill & form press series, and flexographic printing press series.
More than 200 Square meters of Booth was designed to one large ship which ride the wind and break the waves. The die-cutting and creasing machine series were placed on the portside, the flexographic printing press series were placed on the starboard. The bill & form printing series and offset press were placed on the bow, which means YONGCHENG started with offset press Bills & Forms Printers, whih was the foundation of this company. And means that from now on, we will focus on the developing of the flexographic printing machine series and die-cutting & creasing machine series, indicated the direction of our corporate strategy adjustment.
With the good reputation of nearly 20 years’ operations in this industry, varieties of good quality traditional products, the unique design and good performance of flexographic printing press and die-cutting & creasing machine, and enthusiastic service all the time, YONGCHENG booth attracted batches of businessmen from domestic and foreign to inquiry and negotiate the business. Finally more than 30 co-operation agreements, and about 50 contracts from home and aboard have been reached, and all of the exhibits of this exhibition have been sold out. YONGCEHNG achieved the initial accomplishment on this show, which also implied the great success of the strategic adjustment of Yongcheng Machinery Co, Ltd.
YONGCHENG, the large ship which ride the wind and break the wave in the ocean of business, now is sailing to the new target bravely.